Chenonceau Door

Chenonceau Door

The entrance of Chateau de Chenonceau is marked by this monumental door.  This door, of Renaissance style, was built at the time of Francis I of France (1494-1547). On the left door is  featured  the coat of arms of Thomas Bohler, the first owner of Chenonceau. The right door is that  of his wife , Katherine Briconnet. Both doors are crowned by the salamander of Francis I and the inscription “Franciscus Dei Gratia Francorum Rex – Claudia Francorum Regina” (Francis by the grace of god, King of France and Claudia Queen of France.)  

Chenonceau monumental door

The inscription above remind us that Chenoncea has always been a Lady's demure:  “S’il vient à point il se souviendra” (If he arrives at the opportune moment he will remember)

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